Soccer Calendar

U11 & Below

Soccer season starts April 29 – but check with your head coach as to the exact start date for your group!

U13 & Above

Changes from earlier version of NWCSA schedule:

  • U13 Girls  – no change
  • U13 Boys – changed some games and times in weeks 2 and 3 so each teams play all of the others after the week 1 cancellation
  • U15 Girls –  added Jasper. Week 3 venue changed from Whitecourt to Jasper.
  • U15 Boys – removed Edson. Changed locations – all teams now at one location
  • U17 Girls – week 3 / week 4 Edson and Jasper swap hosting
  • U17 Boys –  no changes
  • There is not an expectation that the games cancelled in week 1 will be made up later in the season.